X-Ray SHOCKS Doctors After Child Complains Of AGONIZING Stomach Pain

One three-year-old boy was having an agonizing stomach pain for months, while his doctor prescribed him painkillers to help him ease the pain. However, the kid’s parents knew something was wrong and they took their son to a local hospital for a treatment. While he was there, it was taken an x-ray that not only explained the kid’s agony, but the scan left doctors shocked after seeing what it revealed.

After the 3-year-old boy had suffered this severe stomach pain for months and his doctor offered no real solutions, the boy’s parents decided to take him to Metro Hospital in Faridabad, India. Eventually the boy  was admitted after the doctors requested an x-ray performed on the kid’s stomach. Doctors were more than shocked to foud out that the boy was suffering from agonizing pain because of a clump of metal objects that were stuck inside his stomach.

The head of Laparoscopic Surgery Dr. Brahm Datt Pathak immediately rushed the young child into a surgery, where the shocking discoveries continued. Inside the boy’s stomach, the doctor found 29 magnets, one battery, and a coin in his gut, because he had swallowed objects lying around his house, as said by Daily Mail.

The ball of metal was stuck in the kid’s stomach.

“There were twenty nine magnets in total which is very unusual,” admitted Pathak. “It seems he had been swallowing these objects for over a whole year. I could even say it had become a habit for him.”

Unfortunately, the ingested magnets had stuck together and they created a huge magnetic ball inside his stomach, which caused him severe pain and even damaging his insides. “It was a very complicated case. The gut of the boy was completely damaged due to the quantity of magnets in his stomach,” continued Pathak.

The surgery for removing the objects lasted an exhausting 3 hours. Evidently, the kid’s family ran a jewelry store making business from their home, and that explains how the boy obtained that many of the unusual objects and ingested them.

Several objects were removed from his stomach.

“If the pieces had bewereen small enough, they would have passed through the boy’s guts naturally in his excretion process, but these objects were way too large and his case needed a special attention,”

Dr. Pathak added. “I’m sure the boy had been in pain for so much long time, it was sad his condition had not been picked up sooner.”

Luckily, the boy only remained in hospital for only a couple of days before he was discharged. He is now resting at home and his parents are now being more careful with their jewelry.

If you have small children, it is essential that you take the proper precautions to ensure their safety. The children like to get into anything and everything – including the junk that is left on the floor. Therefore, the moral to this story is to childproof your house — it is better to be safe than sorry.