A Woman Rubbed Aloe Vera on the Face and After 15 Min the Result Was amazing

We can say that aloe is the healthiest plant there is. This is healthy and medicinal but it is also used for cosmetics and beauty. If you want glowing healthy skin, no need for spending money on cosmetics.

Just try this DIY method with aloe Vera.

Follow the instructions and do this:


1. Wash well

Do not peel the plant, just wash it well with water. Use just clean water if the leaves are dirty.

2. Softening

Gently thump the leaf and use a roller.

3. Cut in halves

After the softening, cut this in 2 and use small cut portions, so save the other half for next use. Get the amount that you need.

4. Cut edges

To peel the leaf, first remove edges with knife. Then the edges are cut on both sides and the leaf will be easy for opening.

5. Slit in 2

The edges are cut, so now slit the leaf open with the hands. If this is hard, use knife to the center.

6. Scrape the juice

Use a spoon to get the leaf juice. Take as much as you need but do not waste. Collect this in container.

7. Rub on the face

With the fingers, gently apply the juice and even use the leaf to rub this mask on the face. Let this dry for 20 min.

8. Wash the face

After this is dry, peel it off the face. Wash the face then with water and DO NOT use chemicals or soaps.

9. Flawless skin

With a clean towel pat dry the face and you will be amazed by the perfect skin.