Why Women in China Don’t Get Breast Cancer

The amazing story of the famous professor Jane Plant will surely touch your heart. Jane Plant is a wife, mother and scientist who has a CBE for her work in geochemistry.

In 1987, when professor Plant was 42, she was diagnosed with breast cancer that shocked her to the core. But, despite the disease returning for 4 times, Jane has decided not to give up. In order to defeat her cancer, she invented a revolutionary diet and lifestyle program which, as she says, saved her life and can help every woman in the world.

Jane’s husband is also a scientist, and during a visit in China, he and his colleagues discovered the reason why Chinese women don’t suffer from breast cancer. He immediately revealed the method to his wife and after a while she was finally cured! Although controversial, the method helped Jane survive and she claims that it can help anyone. Watch the video below to see Jane explaining how she defeated the disease and how to use the method.

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