When He Got Diagnosed With Stage 4 Cancer, His Son Suggested That He Try THIS And It Worked!

This story is almost unbelievable – a man used baking soda and molasses to cure his cancer! A man named Vernon Johnson was diagnosed with an aggressive stage 4 prostate cancer which has metastasized to his bones, but he refused the conventional treatments and used a treatment made of baking soda and molasses to defeat the disease.

His son’s advice

When he was diagnosed with the deadly disease, Vernon’s son advised him to try and raise the pH levels of his body as he read online that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Later, Vernon met a man called Larry who advised him to use cesium chloride in order to raise his pH levels. He immediately ordered cesium chloride online, but it got lost in the mail, prompting Vernon to look for alternative treatments which would raise his pH levels.

While searching for that kind of treatment, he found a recipe consisting of baking soda and maple syrup, but as he didn’t have maple syrup at home, he replaced it with molasses.

Vernon’s miraculous results

During the treatment, Vernon recorded his progress in a diary every day. He used the recipe every day along with a healthy diet and some vitamin and mineral supplements.

Vernon also started practicing breathing techniques after he learned that cancer cells don’t tolerate oxygen. These techniques assisted the increased oxygenation caused by the sudden pH raise in his body.

In order to survive, cancer cells feed on sugar, which is what Vernon had in mind when he decided to use molasses in his recipe. This ingredient acted as a Trojan horse, allowing the baking soda to enter the cancer cells along it and effectively killing them. Experts recommend more than one protocol when treating cancer, and avoiding processed foods and sugars since they are used as fuel for cancer cells.

In just a few weeks, Vernon’s regular check-up showed no traces of his metastasized prostate cancer. As you can see, there are natural and cheap cancer treatments which are sadly being disregarded so the medical industry can profit.