According to a recent study, cooking with olive or coconut oil is preferable than cooking with vegetable oil, as vegetable oils release dangerous chemicals associated with numerous diseases including cancer!


Not believing the results, the scientists dug deeper, and managed to find that vegetable oil release aldehydes, chemicals related to heart diseases, dementia and cancer, and according to the leading scientist on the study, Martin Grootveld, a fish and chips meal fried in a vegetable oil contains about 200 times the daily safe amount of aldehydes!

Cooking with olive or coconut oil doesn’t produce that high levels of dangerous chemicals, but it’s best if you could just avoid frying food in any kind of oil. The dangerous effects of cooking with vegetable were confirmed in another study conducted at Oxford University. Professor Stein, Oxford University’s emeritus professor of neuroscience, claims that the human brain changes under the influence of corn and vegetable oils. He also adds that for years the NHS suggested avoiding butter or lard for cooking, and recommended the “healthy” vegetable oils as a replacement.

However, professor Grootveld from the De Montfort University doesn’t share his view. He says that the authorities have been warning us about the dangers of these oils, and some studies have found that frying in butter is a better option. Professor Grootveld’s study shows that vegetable oils undergo complex chemical reactions which result in accumulation of dangerous compounds – this is the reason why nutritionists recommend avoiding fried food.

If you want to protect yourself from dangerous diseases, you need to avoid processed foods. The nicely packaged frozen food in stores are almost always fried in vegetable oils, but you cannot be sure how the whole process goes. If you’re buying fresh food, always boil or bake it, and you can improve its taste by mixing it with vegetables.


It’s up to you to decide what’s the better option – eating fresh food or sticking to fried food.