This Man Defeated Two Tumors With The Help Of This Natural Remedy! (VIDEO)


Bozo Kojovikj, a man from the village of Gorica in Vraneska Dolina, has managed to defeat two tumors in his throat and lungs after 10 years of fighting a deadly type of cancer!

Although doctors have him almost no chance of surviving, Bozo decided not to give up. He found information on possible natural treatments and decided to use them as he had nothing to lose. “We did everything to ease his pain. Whatever natural remedy I heard or read about, I prepare it immediately in order to make him better,” says, Bosiljka, Bozo’s wife.

Bozo changed his diet, stopped smoking and drinking alcohol, and he replaced water with herbal teas and whey. Along with the prescribed medications, he took fir tree flowers and dandelion honey. The recipe that cured him is not a secret anymore, says his wife. “Pick the dandelion, but be careful not to break the root, or the healing juices will run out of it. Put a handful of the roots in 4 l. of water and boil the mixture for a minute, then leave it to cool down for about 10 minutes and strain it. In the end, add the honey and drink the remedy”, says Bosiljka.

Bozo says that everyone who is suffering from cancer should listen to the advices of their doctors, but also suggests trying natural remedies along the treatments  in order to defeat this deadly disease.