Everyone wants nice and clean facial skin, which is why people often spend a fortune on different types of facial cleaners and tonics. These products often contain small beads which polish the skin and take dead layers off, while the creamy base should moisturize and smoothen the skin. But, why spend money on expensive products when you can prepare one such cream at home?

This article will show you how to prepare a great homemade facial cream which is easily made and only contains 2 natural ingredients which you already have in your home – baking soda and coconut oil. These ingredients are great for skin treatment and are also cheap, but unlike the toxic ingredients in commercial products, they are safe for you and your skin.

This homemade facial cream is just what your face needs. Mixing these 2 ingredients together will create a powerful combination that can treat acne, redness and scarring while removing excess dirt, oil and dead skin cells from your facial skin. Baking soda is commonly used for baking goods, but it can also be used as a polishing agent or deep cleaning and deodorizing agent for your household. It is a perfect replacement to toxic cleaners and provides amazing results.

Besides cleaning uses, baking soda is also used as a cosmetic product – people often use it to whiten their teeth or as a deodorant. It’s a natural beauty product which can balance the pH levels of the skin and fight skin problems such as acne.

The other ingredient, coconut oil, has powerful antibacterial, healing and moisturizing properties which will nourish your skin besides soothing blemishes. It is much gentler than baking soda, and when combined with it, it balances the baking soda’s harshness and makes it safe for use on any type of skin. Although there are many types of coconut oil on the market, it’s best to use the wet-milled traditional coconut oil.


Coconut oil

Baking soda


The amount of the ingredients depends on your skin type – for sensitive skin, use a 2:1 ratio, but if you want to use the cream as an exfoliator, use a 1:1 ratio.

In order to prepare the cream, just mix the ingredients together and apply a layer of the cream on your face, then either wash it off with warm water, or leave the mask on for a deeper conditioning treatment.

This amazing homemade cream will make your facial skin clean and smooth and it contains natural ingredients which won’t damage your skin. Try it yourself – you have nothing to lose, and much to gain!