They Are Being Laughed At, But They Are The Only People Who Don’t Get Cancer

Health experts have recently been researching the diet and lifestyle of the Amish, and came to a shocking discovery!

A study published in the Journal of Cancer Causes and Control, the Amish are the healthiest people in the USA and never get cancer. The study was performed by a team of scientists from the Ohio University and it examined if the lack of conventional medicine is responsible for an increase in the risk of cancer. When the results came back, they were shocked!

The results of the study showed that the Amish have a low chance of developing cancer, which is why experts set out to research their diet and lifestyle. They noticed that most Amish don’t drink or smoke, and are certainly not promiscuous, which led to the conclusion that their lifestyle is responsible for the rare cases of cancer in their community.

Furthermore, the Amish are highly active physically – they are involved in agriculture, construction and other physical jobs every day and this is one of the biggest reasons for their flawless health. And, while the rest of the American population (especially the youth), sits in front of the TV or is looking at their smartphones all day long, the Amish work hard and find no excuses.

Growing their own food certainly helps as well. The organic methods the Amish use for their food supplies them with a steady and healthy amount of fruit and veggies, as well as healthy dairy products and meat.

Even though they are often laughed at for their lifestyle, the commitment to simple life has made the Amish one of the healthies nations in the world.