The Shape Of The Navel Reveals What You Should Be Careful Of. Here’s How To Find Out Which Body Is Not Working Properly!

Yes, it sounds strange, but the shape and color of your belly button may indicate that you’re suffering from a disease!

Protruded belly button

Of your navel is protruding more than the usual, and you’ve lifted something heavy recently, you may be suffering from a hernia.

A smaller protrusion

A smaller protrusion of your navel indicates that you are more prone to flu and seasonal diseases.

Indrawn belly button

This shape indicates weight troubles and that you may be more prone to digestive issues, resulting in constipation.

Almond-shaped navel

An almond shaped navel means that you are more exposed to the risk of migraines, muscle pain and brittle bones.

Y-shaped navel

This is the shape everyone wants, but it may be a sign of kidney and skin diseases. If you have this shape, your future children will have lower risk of being born with genetic deformities.

Check your navel shape and see what disease you’re suffering from right away!