The Secret Recipes For The Cure Of All Diseases In A 3,500 Year Old Book!

Dr. Richard Schultz became famous for his use of a 3500-year-old technique recorded in the Bible. “I get letters from all over the world and people are very satisfied with the implementation of the simple healing technique that I describe in my book and video materials. I do not want to hide the knowledge. In the book I explain everything in details so that everyone can heal very quickly at home, without even needing me,” he says.

Dr. Schultz believes there is no such thing as an incurable disease. He says that people who don’t recover from an illness don’t want to change their lifestyle. His medical practice includes principles of healing and hygiene written millennia ago in the Bible.

See what he has to say in the following text.

  • Schultz, from all the organism in nature, only people get sick. Why is that?

“I will correct you. People are not only sick, but also the plants and animals that are under the influence of the sick man. The main causes of diseases are inadequate habitat, unhealthy diet and a missed goal in life. Man is created to live in nature, that deals with physical labor, like herbivore that feeds fresh plants and to enjoy the ambience of their extended families. Modern man has chosen to live outside of nature, in dirty cities, without physical activity, processed and toxic food, which is largely of animal origin, and the main goal is to run for the money that will buy the poison that destroys its health and life.

In such a life a man has no friends, and because he lives totally unnatural it is logical to get sick of depression, which in fact is a warning of the body, the body speaks and says: “Do you want to kill me?”

  • Are you saying that our unhealthy lifestyles cause depression?

“The most difficult patients are the ones who are so spiritually doomed that they want to die. A depression is the most common disease of modern man, which leads to a state that the person no longer wants to live. Pharmacies generate the biggest profits on so-called “cures” for depression, which only temporarily “put out the fire,” but do not solve the problem.”

  • But, this would mean that there should be no sick people in the country?

“I cannot help those who do not want to be treated. But there have been cases where parents brought their children, 18, 20, and besought me, “Dr Schultz, save our child, they want to kill themselves!” Once, such a depressed girl, at the urging and with the approval of parents, I took for a walk along the coast of the ocean in California.

We talked, and the girl with lukewarm and dead voice said she was “sick of life and that she wanted to kill herself.” It was the month of January. Otherwise, I am martial arts instructor. When we are a little further away, I suddenly caught one-handed her hand, and the other hand on her leg, and threw it into the shallows of the cold ocean. She began to scream: “Are you crazy!? Are you trying to kill me? “I told her to swim to the shore and ran along with me to my office and change her clothes. She was flushed, and when she changed, and I was delighted that she said: “Doctor, what do you call this therapy, I feel much better?”

I told her it was a “hydrotherapy” – an ancient therapy that improves blood circulation throughout the body, especially the brain of those who are depressed, and when you add physical activity – swimming and running to my office, then the results are brilliant. I explained to her and her parents that they can apply hydrotherapy in their tub or shower cabin, one-minute hot shower than cold shower, and so alternately seven times, and that they should walk, swim, run, ride a bike, and that depression will disappear. She listened to me and never had a problem with depression.

Of course, such “techniques” as hydrotherapy are rarely used, only in the most severe cases, and at the insistence of a guardian.”

  • What techniques do you use to clean the body?

“I use only plants from nature. For cleaning of the colon apples and plums are the best. I give them to people in the form of squeezed juice. To clean the liver, I use herbal teas and tinctures, for cleaning the kidneys I use uva, and also can be used juices of orange and lemon with olive oil, which are excellent for expelling kidney stones.”

  • Are herbs really powerful and effective?

“Very much so. It is known for example, one US dealer from the 19th century who saw the powerful effect of the plant Echinacea, used by the Indians, and then with caravans visited cities in America, and carried with him a bottle of drink with echinacea, while holding in a cage the most venomous serpent in America.

Then on the squares of cities he let the snake to bite him in front of the people. After that he drank this potion from Echinacea and stayed healthy, to the astonishment of the people. He sold many of these bottles.”

  • What’s your favorite herb?

“My favorite plants are garlic and hot red pepper. Garlic is a powerful natural antibiotic and is part of any of my medical treatment. In my book I talked about miracles of healing that this plant does.

Hot paprika is also a miracle of plant. It improves circulation, and this is extremely important, because when to the diseased part of the body we bring blood and improve circulation, then the cells of the immune system, food and other healing mechanisms can act on the diseased organ. We have had cases of major bleeding, which doctors could not stop, and after the application of hot cayenne pepper the bleeding has stopped in a few seconds.”

  • You say that there are no incurable diseases. Can AIDS be cured?

“I have had several patients with AIDS who have literally been in a state of decay. I immediately put them on the overall program of treatment and seven days after, positive results were visible. In such cases, it took several months or even a year, to reach a cure.”

  • What about other serious diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, Parkinson’s?

“Trust me to get the disease cured quickly as colds, only if the patient is disciplined and willing to cooperate. In a few days, a maximum of ten days, patients are delighted with the speed of the healing process. I speak about this in detail in my book.”

These were excerpts from Dr. Schultz’s amazing book “Treatment of incurable diseases.”