The 12 Year Old Britain Girl Was Raped By Her Brother And Got Pregnant…. After 9 Years Reveals Her Secret

As terrifying as it sounds, the world is unfortunately full of monsters. Some people are inhumane and commit unspeakable acts that defy any explanation. This article explains the story of an unfortunate girl who was raped by her brother and gave birth at only 12!

Meet the unfortunate girl


Tressa Middleton is now 21 years old. She spent her childhood in extreme poverty and in care, as her mother was homeless. She managed to leave care at only 9 and went back home at Edinburgh, but due to her alcohol problems, she was sent back in care at 11. That was the year when Jason, Tressa’s brother, raped her and changed her life completely.

The day she became mom


A couple of months after the rape Tressa noticed that her body is changing. One of her friend suggested that she may be pregnant, which was confirmed with a pregnancy test. Although shocked, Tressa gave birth to her baby daughter and put her up for adoption.

On the ITV morning show


Nine years later, she finally found the courage to reveal the identity of Annie’s father. She wrote a book called “Tressa: The 12-Year Old Mum” where she wrote about everything she experienced from young age. She dedicated the book to her daughter. She feels sorry for giving Annie for adoption, but says that she hopes she will forgive her. “I just hope one day she does forgive me. I know it’s going to be hard for her when she finds out her uncle is her dad,” Tressa says.