Did you know that beetroot can help you to determine the acid levels in your stomach? All you should do is to eat this healthy veggie and pay attention to the color of your urine. If the color of your urine after eating beets is clear, your stomach acids are doing their job. But, in case if your urine is pink it is indication that your stomach acids are weak.

Doctors explain that proper pH value is extremely important as it eases the digestion of vitamin B12 and protein. If there is lack of these acids in your stomach, the digestion of protein is affected and it ends up in your intestines.

It is important to highlight that this may cause many health problems, including leaky gut.

Leaky gut is a medical condition in which the gluten particles “drill” holes in the small intestine, and undigested food enters the bloodstream. Improper absorption of vitamin B12 in the organism causes fatigue and you will experience both physical and mental health issues.

In order to determine whether you have this issue, you need to do regular checkups and beets are the best and easiest way to do that.

Before each meal you should drink 2 glasses of water. Namely, water creates a sack, so by drinking water about 15-30 minutes before eating you will protect your stomach from the acid.

Ayurvedic experts explain that the stomach responds and furthermore stimulates the secretion of hydrochloric acid.

In addition to that, you should take a large sip of organic apple cider vinegar. It is highly advisable to take 1 tablespoon of vinegar for every glass of water you drink.

Health benefits of beets:

Anticancer power

There are many scientific studies which have proved that beetroot triggers remission in cancer patients. Participants were taking beet powder and the tumors were gone. The beet juice is high in antioxidants, folate, betalains and potassium.

Healthy food

According to many scientists, the beets are one of the top 5 healthy foods. It is scientifically proved that beets improve digestion, increase libido, regulate blood pressure and offer many other health benefits. You can juice, shred or grill the beets. You can prepare salad and combine it with other veggies or prepare a smoothie by your choice.

Anti-inflammatory effect

Betaine protects the entire organism and substantially reduces inflammation. Nutrients contained in beets protect organs, and in same time prevent the development of chronic diseases.


The pigment that is contained in beets stimulates the body’s detoxifying ability. As medical experts explain, the toxins are attracted to molecules and later are eliminated from the organism.