Salt has been used for different purposes for centuries – it can clean your home, season your food, deter ants or polish silver ornaments. It is a cheap and very helpful ingredient which can help you in many cases.

Keeps ants away

Have you noticed ants in your food storage cabinets or near your windows? Just sprinkle some salt on the surface and they will stay away! Salt lowers humidity and will successfully keep insects away.

Polishes brass, copper and silver

Brass, copper or silver ornaments look great, but tend to fade over time. In this case, you can polish them with salt to keep them sparkly clean – this is the best non-corrosive solution for this kind of problem. Make a paste of some salt and vinegar and rub the objects with a soft cloth soaked in the mixture to dissolve any dirt on the surface and polish the metal.

Cleans your car and windows

Mix a couple of tablespoon of salt and a gallon of warm water to clean even the stubbornest stains of your windows. The same mixture can clean your car windows spotless as well.

Cleans sink drains

Pour a mixture of salt and warm water down the sink to melt the grease build up and unblock the sink. This will also eliminate the odor coming from the blocked sink.

Rejuvenates your skin

A combination of some salt and olive or lavender oil is a great skin exfoliator – rub the mixture on your skin before a shower, and it will magically remove all dirt. Salt is a great exfoliator due to its ability to remove dead skin cells.

Brightens the colors

If you want to restore the original color of your curtains or rugs, soak a cloth in concentrated salt water and rub it on the edges of your favorite rugs and curtains. This will eliminate any dirt or hard stains better than any chemical solution.

Tooth remedy

Swirl some salt water in your mouth to easily reduce toothache and mouth sores.

Teeth whitening and dental care

Mix some salt and baking soda and apply it on your teeth to whiten them and keep your oral cavity clean.

Dry clothes in winter

Prevent the shrinking of your clothes in winter by putting salt in the washing machine just before the final wash. Now you can safely put your clothes outside in the winter sun without worrying that they will freeze and shrink.