Have you ever thought that the rice you are buying actually is not real rice? Namely, recent investigation conducted in Asia discovered that there is mass production of fake rice. What is even more shocking, this rice is made of plastic.

Investigators first discovered plastic rice in China, and then in Vietnam and India. Today, this type of rice is being sold in Europe and Indonesia.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to recognize which rice is fake one. Namely, the fake rice looks exactly the same as the real rice.

Some newspapers had reported that plastic rice is made of synthetic resin and potatoes. According to other sources, this rice also contains certain toxic chemicals. You should never consume plastic rice as it may be detrimental to your and the health of your family. Plastic rice causes severe damages in the digestive system.

It is important to highlight that many markets across the world are selling this type of rice due to the fact they cannot identify whether it is real or fake. Still, Malaysia is one of the countries where the control is strict and the large markets do not sell fake rice.
How to Avoid Eating Fake Rice?

Regardless of the fact that you simply cannot avoid buying fake rice, you still can avoid consuming it. You can identify if the rice is real or fake and one of the options is to boil it. Namely, before boiling it, both real and fake rice have an identical form. But, the fake rice even after boiling maintains the exact same form as before, unlike the form of the real one which changes.

Another option is to try burning a handful of rice. In case if the rice is fake, you will notice smell of plastic.