She Thinks She Has A Blister..But When She Goes To The Doctor? HOLY COW!

Carelle Mowatt, a country singer, has recently noticed a blister on her leg which she thought was a ringworm, so she decided to skip the doctor’s visit. However, the blister continued to grow, making Mowatt concerned, and when it burst and caused a huge wound underneath, Carelle immediately went to the doctor. What he told her shocked her to the core!

The blister was caused by a bite from a recluse spider! Carelle was put on antibiotics and she changed her bandage every day, but after 2 weeks, she was in so much pain she was taken to the hospital where she was given a new set of antibiotics and even morphine for the pain. But, even with such an aggressive treatment, her condition got worse – the wound became so big and started progressing towards gangrene!

The dead tissue was thankfully removed, but the pain during the procedure was so bad that she had to be held down by several men! Finally, the infection was cured and Carelle’s leg healed completely.

She has shared her story online to warn people not to ignore mysterious medical symptoms, no matter how small they are.