She Lost 89 Kilograms in 18 Months and Changed Only One Thing in Her Diet

Obesity is a deadly disease on the rise which affect more and more people every year. Today, we’re presenting you an incredible story about a woman who went through hell to get rid of the disease.

The woman was over 150 kg. early in her life, and gained even more weight after pregnancy due to overeating. When doctors gave her only a year to live if she didn’t stop eating, she decided that it’s time to make some changes to save her life. With just one simple change, she was able to lose 89 kg. in only a short time!

She got rid of junk food in her diet and started eating healthy foods while exercising just 3 times a week. By cutting the carbs and sugar from her diet, she lost 89 kg. in 18 months! Here’s the diet plan she followed:


Two eggs



Green smoothie (made of fresh seasonal vegetables and little water)


Boiled or baked potatoes with a pinch of chili

A piece of rye bread

Fresh green salads (broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, lettuce etc.)

Baked fish or chicken steak


Low fat yogurt or some kind of fruit


Spaghetti or macaroni with low fat cheese and tomato sauce

Fresh green salad

After 18 months, the woman achieved her goal and defeated obesity which got her the title “Woman of the Year” by The Obesity Center. Now, she is living a happy and healthy life with her husband and children.