Remove Blackheads At Home Easily With These DIY Blackhead Strips

Everyone loves and wants a clean and smooth skin, but the pores, blackheads just ruin our beautiful face. I just feel disgusting whenever I look into my face covered up with so many stubborn blackheads. Next thing that comes to my mind is that I’ll have to spend money to recover my skin and to regain the beauty.

But, I then got a method of doing all this at home, that too without paying a single extra penny.
Just scroll down and know the means of making these DIY blackheads strips so that you can get a flawless, beautiful skin.

1. How to mix the ingredients.

Mix Gelatin powder and milk in equal proportion. And mix them well until Gelatin dissolves in milk. Also, if you want to add some honey to it, just mix it without any hesitation.

2. Now, put that in microwave to heat the mixture.

Heat the mixture for 5-10 seconds. If needed, you can heat it even more. Now, apply this to the face, and make sure you avoid burning.

3. Here is the third step.

Apply the pack over the affected area with the help of brush and then let it dry at least for 10 minutes.

4. Now, just peel it and feel amazing.

Let it be for another 5 minutes so that it can settle around the blackheads. Then gently pull it out and you will see a clean and dirt-free face. Keep repeating it whenever it needed.