Priceless Advices From A 103 Year Old Japanese Doctor

This article is going to present you a doctor from Japan called Shigeaki Hinohara. Believe it or not, he is 103 years old, and he weighs 60 kg since he was 30! D-r Hinohara claims that his healthy diet is responsible for his long life span.

This amazing and remarkable man is the oldest doctor in Japan and even in the world! He is also the president of trustees at St. Luke’s Hospital in Tokyo. Can you imagine that he still works and teaches about nutrition all over the country?

He has published over 150 books during his life, but his book “Living Long, Living Good” is sold in even 1.2 million copies!

He also teaches people how to have long and happy life as he does.

These are his life principles:

According to this doctor, we boost our energy levels by feeling good not by what we eat or a proper amount of sleep. We don’t need to follow strict rules about the dinner or when and how much we actually sleep, but he also says that all people who have long life span, no matter which nationality, sex or race they are, have one thing in common- they are not overweight.

Food is the most important

For breakfast he usually has a glass of juice with a tablespoon of olive oil or a glass of milk with a powdered lentil and a banana.  He consumes milk with 3 biscuits for lunch. If he is at work he doesn’t eat anything because then he doesn’t feel hungry. He consumes a little bit of little fish for dinner, fruit and 90 grams of fat meat twice a week.

Be busy and look only forward

Doctor Hinohara keeps himself quite occupied with the busy schedule in the hospital.

Doctors cannot cure all diseases. They are not gods. He believes that music and therapy can really help against various conditions.

If you want to stay healthy, try taking the stairs and carry your own luggage.

Doctor Hinohara keeps his muscles in good shape by climbing two stairs at a time. He is trying to walk from 2000 to 2500 steps at slow pace every day, because he uses a cane.

Pain is something mysterious

To help yourself and forget about pain, have fun!

“Do not worry too much about material things. Do not forget that when death comes, you will not take anything with you. “- says d-r Shigeaki Hinohara.

Science does not treat humans on its own

The doctor believes that science is not able to cure diseases equally because all diseases are for themselves. They are individual, so he claims that in order to defeat the disease we need to know people well like we know medicine.

Find your hero and try being better than him

His hero is his father. Whenever he needs to face a problem, he wonders what his father would do in same situation.

Life is full of incidents and possibilities

In March 1970, at the age of 59, d-r Hinohara traveled from Tokyo to Fukuoka by a plane, when the plane was kidnapped by a group of people from the Japanese Communist League. He spent 4 days in a seat at 40 degrees. He was a doctor, so he observed the whole situation and made some interesting conclusions on how the body slows down when found ourselves in dangerous situations.

It is wonderful having a long life

This doctor claims that the first 60 years we work to fulfill the needs of our families and then we work to make our society better. That is the reason he has worked as a volunteer for 65 years. He is even now still able to work up to 18 hours every day of the week!