What Is Your Native American Zodiac Symbol and Its Meaning!

People in America believe that when you are born, you are immediately assigned to a specific animal. The Native American Zodiac has almost all animals that can come to your mind, and their symbol presents many tribes from America.

So, read on to find out about your symbol.

1. The Otter (20.01-18.02)

This animal has its own way of seeing things. They are creative and intelligent, so they have an advantage over others. Also, they possess an excellent intuition and perception.

In addition, these people are sympathetic, sensitive, courageous, loyal, attentive, supporting, truthful, understanding, supporting, brace as well as honest. They are great friends that would stay with you when you need them the most.

  • Personality traits: independent and friendly.
  • Compatibility: Raven, Deer, and Falcon.
  • Color: Silver.
  • The best time: 11am-1pm, 11pm-1am
  • The best day: Saturday.

2. The Wolf (19.02-20.03)

These people are extremely passionate and emotional. They are considered to be lovers, and they always follow their hearts. They spread the love. During nurturing, they are passionate and willing to love, give, and be gentle.

  • Personality traits: gentle and generous.
  • Compatibility: Snake, Woodpecker, and Brown Bear.
  • Color: Blue-green.
  • The best time: 1pm-3pm
  • The best day: Thursday.

3. The Falcon (21.03-19.04)

These people are born to be leaders with witty minds. Even when they are in some tense situation, they are able to bring a correct decision. They are punctual, pragmatic, and never miss a target. Also, they use every opportunity, and they would make a perfect choice for sports.

  • Personality traits: powerful and spontaneous.
  • Compatibility: Salmon and Owl.
  • Color: Green and yellow.
  • The best time: 3am-5am
  • The best day: Tuesday.

4. The Beaver (20.04-20.05)

These people like to be in charge, but when needed they are flexible. If they get a lot of work, they will finish the work in the best way. When it comes to combat or business, they can be devious as well as strategic. Also, they are smart, loyal, generous, helpful, and compassionate.

  • Personality traits: determined and methodical.
  • Compatibility: Woodpecker, Goose, and Brown Bear.
  • Color: Blue and yellow.
  • The best time: 5am-7am, 5pm-7pm
  • The best day: Friday.

5. The Deer (21.05-20.06)

These people are smart, inspiring, creative, and possess a great sense of humor. They can talk about anything. Since they are masters in humor and able to talk about so many things, they are a must in every party.

  • Personality traits: great communicator and witty
  • Compatibility: Raven and Otter.
  • Color: Blue and yellow.
  • The best time: 7am-9am, 7pm-9pm
  • The best day: Wednesday.

6. The Woodpecker (21.06-21.07)

These people are excellent listeners, understanding, supportive, as well as empathetic. They are amazing friends, great parents, and loving partners. Also, they are romantic, devoted, and caring.

  • Personality traits: sympathetic and protective.
  • Compatibility: Wolf, Beaver, and Snake.
  • Color: Pink.
  • The best time: 9am-11am, 9pm-11pm
  • The best day: Monday.

7. The Salmon (22.07-21.08)

These people possess a high sense of creativity, they are very energetic, confident, focused, and they have a great intuition. Their amazing enthusiasm and confidence make them good motivators. Since they are generous, intelligent, and intuitive, they can easily make friendships.

  • Personality traits: proud and confident.
  • Compatibility: Owl and Falcon.
  • Color: Red.
  • The best time: 11am-1pm, 11pm-1am
  • The best day: Saturday.

8. The Bear (22.08-21.09)

These people are very methodical and practical. They are generous with a great heart. But, they are shy and modest; however, if you love them, you will receive a lot of love and generosity in return. Also, they are able to be amazing teachers or mentors since they are patient and self-restraint.

  • Personality traits: modest and practical.
  • Compatibility:  Goose and Beaver.
  • Color: Brown and purple.
  • The best time: 1pm-3pm.
  • The best day: Wednesday.

9. The Raven (22.09-22.10)

These people are born to be entrepreneurs. They are charmers and enthusiastic. Anyone can rely on them. At the same time, they are able to be idealistic as well calculative. Sometimes, they can be romantic, easy-going, and soft-spoken. In relationships, they are intuitive and patient.

  • Personality traits: charming and friendly.
  • Compatibility: Otter and Deer.
  • Color: Blue and brown.
  • The best time: 3pm-5pm
  • The best day: Friday.

10. The Snake (23.10-22.11)

These people are excellent spiritual leaders and in tune with the ethereal realm. They possess healing capacities, so they are great for medical professions. They can be dark and secretive, but also caring as well as sensitive. And, they are humorous, helpful, and inspiring.

  • Personality traits: ambitious and impulsive.
  • Compatibility: Woodpecker and wolf.
  • Color: Violet and orange.
  • The best time: 5am-7am, 5pm-7pm
  • The best day: Tuesday.

11. The Owl (23.11-21.12)

These people are natural, adaptive, friendly, easy-going, sensitive, good listeners, enthusiastic, and warm. They like adventures and life at full speed. Also, they are a perfect fit for teachers, artists, and conservationists. Due to their adaptability and versatility, they can be successful at any field

  • Personality traits: adventurous and independent.
  • Compatibility: Falcon and Salmon.
  • Color: Gold and Black
  • The best time: 7am-9am, 7pm-9pm
  • The best day: Thursday.

12. The Goose (22.12-19.01)

These people are able to complete their tasks favorably because of their ambition and perseverance. They set themselves to achieve their aims without failure. Also, they are very motivated, so they are a great fit for business and competitive sports.

And, in relationships, they are romantic, sensual, as well as passionate.

  • Personality traits: serious and reliable.
  • Compatibility: Brown Bear, Raven, and Beaver.
  • Color: White and silver.
  • The best time: 9am-11am, 9pm-11pm
  • The best day: Saturday.