Legs Workout

If you neglect your leg workouts, you are slowing down the progress in the rest of your body. A fine body tends to grow proportionally. Leg training increases the heart rate and fat burning. You have to have a good base for a strong body which are the legs.

There are lots of exercise combinations for leg workout. The most important thing is to do the squats properly. Warm up at the beginning of the training and stretch at the end – stretch the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, haunches and the back. Provide your body with the necessary building materials and carbs, eat healthy fats and drink plenty of water.


8-week workout program, one workout a week. After 8 weeks take 1 week break (important for muscle recovery) and repeat it all one more time.

Workout 1: 1 set of warm up 1 working set. Take weights for 10-12 repetitions. Rest for 1-2 minutes.

# Leg press 3/10-12
# Leg extension 3/10-12
# Seated leg curl 3/10-12

Workout 2: maximum tension pump. Easier warm up – 20 repetition per exercise and then 3 supersets. Take a 30s-1 minute break between the sets. 1 set of warm up, 2 working sets, weights for 10 repetitions.
# leg extension in the superset
# Leg curl 3/10-20
# Stiff leg deadlift 3/6-12


Workout 1-2 time a week. First warm up and then do leg extension, 20 repetitions in the first set.

Flex the quadriceps to the maximum. Have and break and then to the second set with a heavier weight for 15 repetitions. Have 1-2 minute break. Third set, 10 repetitions weight. Do squats with medium stance. 10 repetitions in the first set, then a break and then a second set with heavier weight for 8 repetitions, 3 set with wight for 6 repetitions. Do a squat with your elbows and then do a step forward squat  3×10 reps. 3 sets of walking lunges. Walk pressing the front part of the foot (for quardiceps), after returning press toward the heels (for muscles/tendons of the knee) using the proper dumbbells. Take 75 seconds break. Do a toe lift in a sitting and standing position, 3 sets of 11 repetititons. Leg press. Use equipment. Lift a weight with your heels and then breathe out. 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions. Finish with the hamstring, 4 sets of 10 repetitions of standing and lying bend. Take a break but not for too long. Finish up with stiff leg deadlift and stretch out.


Once a week along with regular leg workout. Middle speed tempo, 1 hour for exercises.

Full ATG squat, perform it deeply – butt touching the heels. The third week take a load to make a break on the 10th repetition. Do a split squat with one and the other leg and without a break move onto the lunge. Put your palms on the back of your head with your finger interlaced. Full squat at every repetition. Don’t do it too quickly for the balance. Combine rear lunge and steps without any additional weight. Use the same leg for the steps and the lunge. If the exercise is too easy, lift the platform but do not add weight. When doing the deadlift, the posterior chain is already tired so extra weight might lead to injury. You can add sissy squat, one leg squat with variations.