It’s Not Salt or Sugar! This is the Worst White Poison We Eat Every Day!

If you think that salt or sugar is bad for you, you should know that there is another white “poison” which is far more dangerous than those ingredients. Sodium glutamate E621 is a food additive which is used to intensify the flavor and looks exactly like sugar or salt. Regular consumption of the additive leads to increased appetite, overeating and obesity.

Medical experts say that sodium glutamate has a similar effect to drugs on the brain – the compound penetrates the blood and brain which results in a change of the genes responsible for the sense of taste. Sodium glutamate can be found in processed meat, prepared soups, beer, chips, etc. The recommended (safe) dosage of the additive is 1.5 gr. for adults and 0.5 gr. for children, but the amount used in foods at the moment is far higher. The symptoms of sodium glutamate overdose (also known as the Chinese restaurant syndrome) are dizziness, migraine, visual disturbances, hormonal imbalance, nausea, weakness and chest pain.

The additive was invented in Japan in 1907, when scientists found that it intensifies the aroma and flavor of every food. Sodium glutamate is the reason why chips, chocolate, canned soups are so addictive and also why people unknowingly prefer products that contain it.

The ugly and painful truth is that manufacturers use sodium glutamate E621 to profit, as the supplement reduces production costs and masks the low quality of certain foods. This is why you should always read the label on the products you buy, and avoid the ones that contain this harmful substance.