Is it True That There Are Bananas Infected With HIV Virus Selling In The Markets?

Recently, there was an article spreading online which revealed a statement by the WHO warning people about 2 million bananas in different countries infected with HIV. The bananas were supposedly from Guatemala and were infected by injecting blood into the fruit and then distributed to Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Canada and the USA. However, it was confirmed that the information was false.

The false information was falsely spread around the internet along with the picture you see here. There was no kind of official statement by the WHO which can be easily checked by going to their website. Also, the HIV virus is very sensitive to external factors and cannot live for long outside of a human body, which is the second indication that the information is not true. The HIV virus can live for about an hour in the environment and soon becomes inactive under the influence of different physical and chemical agents.

This is just another false online information which should be disregarded. You can eat bananas safely – they are a highly nutritious fruit which won’t harm you in any way.