IKEA Just Launched An Indoor Garden That Never Stops Growing Food (Video Inside)

The new hydroponic system from IKEA allows you to grow your vegetables all year round, without the need for soil and without any previous gardening experience!

How does it work?

IKEA’s revolutionary garden uses a hydroponic system which grows the plants without soil – it only uses light and water. Many vegetables we eat are grown like this – the seeds are sprouted with absorbent foam plugs that come with the system. You can simply transfer the foam plug into its own pot and fill it with pumice stones for example, which can hold a bigger amount of water. Then, the pots are transferred to a growing tray with a solar lamp that will provide enough light for the plants for a whole year. You can place the seedlings in a place full of sun as well. The growing tray also has a water sensor that will keep the plants watered properly.

It’s a great system, one that was developed with Swedish agricultural scientists. It is great for people who don’t have a garden, but like to grow their plants at home.

When can you get it?

IKEA, as we’re sure you know, is a furniture selling company, so the idea of selling miniature indoor gardens seems odd. However, the company has been known for their innovations, and this latest discovery is surely one of them. The hydroponic gardening system hasn’t been priced yet ahead of its April release. This spring, look out for KRYDDA/VÄXER series on the IKEA shelves!

In case you were wondering, this isn’t the first hydroponic system of this kind, but it will certainly be more affordable than others.