How Your Birth Month Determines If You’ll Get Sick: Researchers Reveal The Ailments You’re Most At Risk From!

A recent scientific research focused on the relation between the birth months and certain diseases. The study was conducted at the Cambridge University and discovered that babies born in the summer will be heavier and more tender as adults, due to their increased sunlight exposure. Another study at the University of Colombia found that 55 heart-related conditions were related to certain birth months. One of the leading scientists of the study, Dr. Nicholas Tatonetti created the following system which relates birth months to certain diseases:


The results of the study discovered that babies born in October are more prone to diseases, while babies born in May have the lowest risk. July babies are more prone to asthma, while babies born in March have an increased risk of heart diseases. Winter-born babies are more prone to neurological disorders, while summer babies may have problems conceiving later in life.

However, all of this should be taken with a pinch of salt as the study is still in progress and should be completed in a couple of months.

Watch the video below to see the relation between birth months and some diseases: