How Much Food Do You Really Need To Eat Every Day?

The modern life brought unhealthy dietary habits, and overeating is definitely one of them. You should eat because of your health, not because of your weight. The easiest way to learn how much food your body requires every day is to open your palm and follow this guide:

  1. Connect both your palms to form a cup and measure how much vegetables can fit inside – this is the exact amount of vegetables you should eat for the day.
  1. Make a fist and note how big is the part with the folded fingers – this is the amount of carbs you should eat for a day.
  1. The size of your palm without the fingers represents the amount of meat you should eat daily.
  1. Your fist size equals the amount of fruit you should eat every day.
  1. Measure your index and middle finger – this is the amount of dairy products you’re allowed to eat daily.