Here’s What You Should Eat in Order to Make Your Vagina Smell Good and Keep It Clean

The food you consume can change the pH value, but also the natural smell of your vagina.

The natural balance of the vagina can be disrupted by the following foods: spices, onion, milk, asparagus, red meat, broccoli etc.

– It is recommended to eat fruit and vegetables which will maintain the natural vaginal pH value and the health of the vagina – explains the gynecologists. This food cannot permanently impair the acidic natural pH value, but the effect will last for two or three days from the moment you’ve consumed the food.

You should consume a lot of fruit, vegetables, whole-wheat cereals and you should drink lots of liquids, especially water in order to keep your vagina clean and healthy.

Plus, you may drink yoghurt but make sure you do not exaggerate with your sugar intake. The excess of sugar can cause infections of the sex organ.