Gym Diet

When you decide to take care of your physical appearance and go to the gym, it is also necessary to take care of your diet. To make the effects visible you should choose food that would form and maintain the muscles in a natural and healthy way during the workout. It is absolutely clear that is means that you should base your diet on natural and healthy food. Eat pesticide-free and fresh fruit and vegetables. Eat meat high in proteins, cooked or stewed, especially avoid meat fried on fat or on high amount of oil. Avoid industrial food, instant meals, sweets, processed meat or wheat with additives. When it comes to the liquids you drink, try to choose ones that don’t contain artificial sweeteners or other artificial ingredients. Drink water and tea that enhance detoxification i.e. get rid of the toxins that can pile up in your body. Eat more often but in smaller portions high in vitamins, minerals and proteins. The role of proteins is to form muscle mass so eat more white chicken and turkey meat, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products, bananas, legumes and soy. To maintain balance and muscle structure always give your body enough food as a source of energy. The energy comes from the carbohydrates which turn into enegry used by your body during workout. That’s why you should eat smaller portions high in carbs and proteins. It’s best to eat the carbs, for example dried fruit or nuts before your workout.