She Gives Birth To A Baby Boy, But When The Camera Zooms Out I Can Hardly Believe It – Speechless

We are witnesses that from year to year, the technology is pushing its limits.

One great example for that is the story of Jason Larke. Namely, he had to work, miles away at the day when his wife gave birth to their second son. Unfortunately, he was required to be on site and therefore he was convinced that he will miss one of the most precious moments at his life. Luckily, the amazing technology actually helped him not to miss that incredible moment.

Now probably you are wondering how? – With the help of Samsung new virtual reality technology! It is interesting that he was wearing a headset and he was able to see everything that was happening just like he is there. Each personnel of the military who is stationed overseas should have access to this new technology and he will not miss these precious moments.

Isn’t this one remarkable proof that technology definitely is pushing its limits?

Check the video and see what the technology can do!