The Most Dangerous Foods That Cause Many Diseases!

Many people eat these foods, but they still don’t know the risk! For that we suggest to everyone to avoid these foods!


This exotic Southeast-Asian fruit has exceptionally bad smell. In Thailand, it’s considered a royal fruit. It’s extremely dangerous in combination with alcohol.

Red beans

Red beans contain a toxin, phytohemagglutinin. That’s why you have to boil them for at least ten minutes before consumption in order to destroy the poison.



Aronia is safe for consumption provided it is well cooked. Consuming raw aronia can trigger diarrhea and weakness.


Cassava root

This nutty-flavored root is a specialty in Latin America, but contains a large quantity of cyanide. When consumed raw or inadequately prepared, it can cause death.


African bullfrog

The skin and organs of this frog are extremely dangerous and toxic, but this dish is a real delicacy in Namibia. It can cause kidney damage and death.

Rhubarb leaves

The bitter white-red root of this plant is an excellent addition to many unusual desserts, winter preserves as well as savory dishes. But its leaves often cause vomiting.

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