Stay away from Old Spice deodorants! Many people have recently reported rashes and burns related to the use of a specific deodorant, and a magazine has even published an article in which several men complain about the Old Spice: Pure Sport High Endurance deodorant because it supposedly damaged their skin!

Rodney Colley is a student from Alexandria, Virginia, who woke up one morning to find a diaper rash-like burns on his skin. “I took a shower in the Monday morning and I had a feeling like my arm is burning. I look at the mirror and noticed that the skin at my armpit is swollen”, says Rodney, who claims that he used the deodorant for the first time.

Proctor & Gamble: Old Spice is completely safe

Michael Smith recently posted a video on YouTube in which he describes his own experience with the product. He says that anyone who got the burns from the Old Spice: Pure Sport High Endurance deodorant should sue Procter & Gamble.

Despite numerous complaints, the company is saying that their product is completely safe.

Take a look at Michael’s video: