Baby That Was Born 18 KG In Weight Is The Largest In The World. Now What You Will Not Believe Is How Much The Mother Weighs

One of the best moments that one woman can experience is giving birth to a child. The childbirth can be really complicated and at the same time painful but when the woman picks her baby up in her arms she forgets about everything.

Usually a new baby is born 2.5 to 4.3 kg in weight and it is long between 46 and 53.5 cm. And giving birth to babies that weight 2.5 to 4.3 kg is really complicated and can you imagine how it can turn to be when the baby is five times heavier?

In Australian hospital there was one case where a newborn baby weighted 18 kg. This case is going in history because of that. Overweight woman came one day to the emergency room in that hospital because she was about to give birth to her son.

Doctors there have already had situations where overweight women gave birth and they helped through that process, but they claim that they never thought that they will ever experience something like this.

At first doctors believed that the woman will give birth to twins or even triplets. But after a while they realized that it is just large baby.

Being overweight is bad for your health no matter if you are adult or child. But it can turn to be even worse if the child is born like that. What can affect the baby directly is a condition known as macrostomia. And here are some health issues that might appear:

-respiratory distress;
-polycythemia (the blood becomes more viscous than normal because in 50% of infants have many red blood cells and that can lead to slowing down the blood flow and some functions of the central nervous system);
-injuries (it can lead to fractures when the baby is going through the birth canal and there are complications);
-hyperbilirubinemia (it appears when the bilirubin crosses the cell barrier that is protecting the brain);
-hypoglycemia (blood sugar levels when are below normal is known as this condition and it can cause harm to the brain, heart and even kidneys).

If you want to have a child and you get pregnant, you should have healthy lifestyle at least then not for you, but if you wish the best for your child. You should as well visit your doctor regularly.