Are You Washing the Chicken Before Cooking? Read this and you will never do it Again!

In this very informative article you will see why you should avoid washing the chicken before cooking. This is very wrong. Many people wash the chicken before cooking thinking that in that way they will preventively avoid contamination caused by food.


Prof. Jennifer Kwinlan from the Drexel University claims that every frozen chicken which is bought from supermarket already has salmonella or campylobacter or even both.

These two bacteria are the main cause of food contamination. So, if you keep washing the chicken before cooking, you are probably spreading the bacteria all over your kitchen and all over you during the washing process. The water you use for washing the chicken is simply not enough to kill the harmful bacteria.

People keep doing this when they spot visible dirt, to clean the chicken from germs or simply because it looks dirty.

With washing, the bacteria are easily spread all over the sink and the surrounding area through the process of aerosolization.

So, everyone should know that such think is not recommended because you expose yourself on risk. Cooking at high temperature will surely kill all the bacteria.


If you notice some dirt, the safest way to remove it is with paper towel. Just wipe the dirt with a towel to clean it and then throw the paper towel in trash.

According to some researches, in Great Britain every year are diagnosed 280,000 people with contamination caused by these bacteria because they are washing the chicken. The chicken keeps claiming that their chickens do not have bacteria, but it is not true.