7 Easy Ways To A Healthy Vagina You Should Know

Vaginal problems are a common issue for women. Sharing this issue with someone or even with a doctor can be a problem for women. However, there are some steps every woman should follow to keep the vagina problem-free.

Here are some tips on proper vagina care.

  1. Wear cotton underwear and prevent vaginal odor
  2. Shave or wax the bottom and keep the area clean at all times


  1. Wash your vagina daily to prevent infections
  2. Wash your backside as well to make sure its contents don’t go into the vagina
  3. The area between the vagina and anus needs to be washed nicely
  4. Wash around the clitoris
  5. Use just mild soaps and water to prevent infections and keep the vagina clean.


Source: www.wittyfeed.com