All European Newborn Babies Will Be Microchipped From December 2016

This new information coming from the EU is deeply disturbing – according to a report, all newborns from December 2016 onwards will be microchipped! In simple terms, this means that they could be tracked and their sensitive personal data stored.

A Finnish article was recently distributed to medical students and doctors, saying that the time to change the direction of technology and military medicine is now – if we don’t act fast, we will lose our hard-earned freedom.

From December 2016, every baby will be microchipped with a subcutaneous RFID chip which is similar to a GPS sensor and contains a micro disposable battery that will need to be replaced every couple of years. The chip will collect data and transmit it to modern smartphones and tablets so parents can monitor their baby’s health.

Most people aren’t even aware that this technology exists and it was approved by the FDA. The chips will store and transmit personal data, but who can say that they won’t be misused?