13 Effects of Drinking Coke Every Day That Will Make You Question Your Priorities

We don’t think any of us will be willing to give up our soft drinks and especially, not the coca cola we drink from time to time. But that’s where reality sinks in and we’re faced with the hard facts. Drinking coke or fizzy drinks overflowing with sugar and caffeine on a daily basis can and will lead to dire consequences. We don’t want that do we? Not only is coke detrimental to our health but it can also lead to brain deficiencies. We are sure we all know that anything taken excessively can lead to harmful situations and that clearly, applies to drinking coke every day. You’re still not convinced? Take a look at these effects of drinking coca cola regularly and then think, do you want to live a healthy life or risk everything by drinking one thing that can lead to several problems?

Did you know that one of the main reasons for tooth decay or erosion is the consumption of soft drinks? We are all taught since childhood to drink such drinks and to enjoy every moment but to an extent never fully adhering to that advice. As a result, we drink our days away never realizing the impact of coke on our teeth. A study published in the October 2001 issue of “the Journal of Dental Nutrition” stated that dental decay in adults older than 25 is due to drinks such as coke or any other soda.

As coke is filled with large amounts of sugar, the bacteria in our teeth consume that and as a result, acid is formed eroding our teeth enamels leading to cavities. Moreover, less sugar taken repeatedly does more harm than excessively taking the sugar less frequently. Who would have known? The caramel dye used to give the brown coloring of coca cola has been said to give a yellow texture to our teeth, not a good sight! Australian Dental Association has emphasized to not drink sodas that are high in sugars or acid regularly. Better pay heed to this advice.

All of us have experienced watching a movie where someone has poisoned a drink? As humans living in this world, we might not be subject to such oddities but we do have drinks that can have the same effect. How you ask? Well, some of you might know about benzene, a carcinogen which causes cancer but did you know that soft drinks including coke had a probability to create benzene? The Food and Drug administration found out that 4 out of 100 products were tested positive when they were tested for benzene, though less in comparison, it still is a threat if we drink and risk having a coke every day. In 2005, it was confirmed by the FDA that benzene in drinks was no longer a threat but still there is a risk, as the benzoic acid is likely to mix with vitamins and form benzene – as a result drinking coke as rare as once in two weeks should be a priority. If you can prevent cancer in any way, do it!

Beware of drinking soft drinks as part of your daily diet, because not only is your health and body affected but your brain isn’t able to escape the clutches of sodas as well. Caffeine and sugar, the most prominent substances found in coke can alter the way our brain works. Caffeine is able to prevent the activity of adenosine in our brain as a result, we become more alert and blood flow reduces. As stated by Scott Olson, a naturopathic physician and author of ‘The complete guide to 30 sugar free days’ a large intake of sugar in our diet can enhance our cognitive abilities and not in a good way at all. Although more research is needed for this claim, we can’t deny that both these substances are disastrous for our brain. Take precautions, drink less and enhance the brain in the best way possible.

We are sure many of you will argue when told that caffeine is not good for you because it keeps you sane and up all night, when you have to work or study for an exam the next day. Right? But what if we tell you that the caffeine we so easily get addicted to while drinking coke, is able to cause certain conditions that are harmful for your mental and physical growth.

Not only can caffeine alter your sleep patterns but it can also lead to physiological discrepancies increasing blood pressure and heart rate, anxiety, irritability, tiredness and even bed wetting in children. A study done by Juliano and Griffiths in 2004 confirmed that. This can also lead to the development of kidney stones as stated by Rodgers in 1999 and the withdrawal symptoms can be extremely hard to escape. Each can of coke contain 40-50 mg of caffeine and a daily dosage can cause harmful effects, you decide whether you are willing to risk that or not? You have the power to stop yourself.