There are many articles on the Internet that warn us about the production of fake plastic rice in China, yet nobody does anything for it to stop. Ingesting the plastic rice can have serious consequences. It will surely do great damage to the digestive system and hormones. When the BPA from the plastic enters the body, it mimics estrogen, so this hormone skyrockets when BPA is ingested. Not just rice: China is massively producing cheap plastic items and toys that are toxic and harmful to our health.

1. Tilapia fish
The Tilapia fish is farmed in China. These fish are the lowest quality, worst kind of fish that you can find. It eats almost anything and they are farmed in pools of waste water. In China, no one eats the Tilapia, so that should be an indicator of how bad this fish is. 80% of the Tilapia fish on the American market originates from China.
2. Cod fish
Like the Tilapia, the Cod fish is also farmed in China. It is a fish of bad quality that lives in its own waste. Over 50% of Cod fish originates from China.
3. Chinese apple juice
Believe it or not, over half of the apple juice sold in the USA is from China. China creates most pesticides on the planet and they don’t even bother to address it on labels. We recommend drinking only natural, raw juice bought from a local farm.
4. Processed mushrooms
Chinese poisoned mushrooms have recently been discovered in the USA. The manufacturers from China even branded them as a natural product! 34% of the mushrooms originate from China – don’t buy them! Try some local, raw and organic mushrooms.

5. Chinese garlic
US inspectors have also discovered poisoned garlic from China. The garlic is overdosed with chemicals and has an awful aftertaste because of that. 31% of garlic sold in the US comes from China.
6. Chicken
The US Department of Agriculture permitted the sale of Chinese chicken in the US in 2013. But, many experts are worried about the quality of this chicken from China – it is a country where avian flu is pretty common. As we already mentioned, China produces pesticides more than any country in the world and is very polluted, so the quality of the chicken should really be questioned.
7. Plastic rice
This rice is believed to be made of potatoes and fake synthetic resin. When it heats up, the rice goes hard and does not cook like normal, natural rice. Using this fake rice for a prolonged time can cause serious health issues.
8. Mud (sold as black pepper)
Can you believe it? A merchant in China collected mud and sold it as black pepper! The Chinese are really not careful with their regulatory systems!
9. Industrial salt
Industrial salt is not meant to end up in our meals, yet it was sold as table salt for quite a while! It can lead to serious mental and physical issues, thyroid and reproductive issues too.
10. Green peas
Fake green peas from China may still be sold today! They are made with snow peas, soy beans, green color and sodium metabisulfite (a synthetic used as bleach and additive). The color used has been proved as cancerous, and hinders the body’s ability to absorb calcium. The Chines green peas do not cook like the natural ones, and paint the water green because of the fake color.
China produces the most pesticides on the planet, so if you bought food produced by China they are likely to have ended to end up on it as well. China is at the top of the list of most polluted countries. The rivers and air are contaminated, and everything produced there has poisonous chemical on it. The air in Beijing for example is polluted so much that it equals smoking 40 cigarettes a day! So food from China? You MUST avoid it!