You Have This Herb In The Garden And You Do Not Know That It Cures Baldness!

Even ancient Romans and Greeks were aware of the healing properties that rosemary possesses. This plant is dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite. Back in the story was the plague raged, many people put rosemary in the front to protect you from malaria.

medieval books contain data that rosemary was used for digestive problems because of their bitter substances. At that time he was also well known for its positive effect on the bloodstream. It is recommended for consumption after serious diseases and strengthens the heart in the older population usually consumed as wine rosemary. Romero was the main ingredient in the water Hungary, a drug that was consumed by Queen Isabel of Hungary in 14 ap century. When she was 72 years old, who suffered from gout, but after a year of taking this medicine is healed and regained its beauty and health.

The most recent studies show that rosemary is a potent antioxidant that slows the aging process. Romero contains flavonoids that promote circulation, capillary force and improve blood flow in the veins, which explains the traditional use to improve circulation. Often it used against headache, for hair growth, the effect on the digestive organs, stomach pains and constipation reliever. Studies have shown that rosemary extract enhances the secretion of bile juices that are very important for digestion. Another study which was published in 1995 showed that rosemary is a diuretic and helps the liver to get rid of toxic substances. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effect and beneficial effect on cough and can be used as a treatment for infections in the nose, ears and throat.

Rosemary is very effective when it comes to strengthening the body. Mixed with sunflower oil after rubbing the sore spot that will reduce muscle pain, sciatica and all rheumatic pains. Tea and bath it are also useful.

Rosemary extract stimulates circulation in the crown of the head so if you apply it there on the skin of the scalp will prevent premature deterioration of the hair. It may also be beneficial in cases of dandruff.