Woman’s Butt Implants Explode During Her Squat Routine!

The popular 27-year old Instagram star Serena Beuford is in coma after an incident that occurred during a workout at her Boston gym. While filming a squat video, Serena’s but implants popped, leaving her with serious injuries and in a coma.

Her sister says that she put the implants to gain more fame and recognition, and that her unusual physique has recently been getting more attention in her local gym. When the incident occurred, a loud popping noise was heard before Serena fell to the floor. She was rushed to a hospital where she will undergo a surgery to repair the rectal, colon and intestinal damage caused by the explosion. Serena got her implants from an unlicensed clinic which is currently being investigated.


However, the legitimacy of this unusual story is already questioned. Douglas Steinbrech, a certified plastic surgeon, says that butt implants are highly unlikely to explode. As he explains, they are not balloons, and the fluid in them stays in the body for hours before being resorbed, so the explosion described is just not possible.

However, as we’re not able to confirm all the facts, the simple conclusion from this story is to never get your implants from an uncertified clinic, or you will have to deal with serious consequences.