Why Durian Plus Cola Is A Deadly Combination To Eat And Drink?

A couple of weeks ago a foreign tourist died in Thailand after eating durian and drinking Coke. Read this article to learn why this is a lethal combination!

A man named Kim-Siang Ng recently reported that a 28-year old Chinese tourist in Thailand diet after eating durian and drinking Coke. In the past, there have been many reports which suggested that this is a deadly combination which should not be tried. Mr. Ng calls this combo “cobra poison” and suggests avoiding drinking Coke after eating the fruit. Thailand authorities have also issued a warning not to drink Coke or any other high caffeine products for at least 8 hours after consuming the fruit.

The tourist reportedly suffered from caffeine intoxication caused by the sudden increase in his blood pressure which resulted in cardiac arrest. According to a study conducted at the University of Tsukuba, durian and Coke is indeed a fatal combination. The durian fruit is high in Sulphur, which impairs alcohol breakdown and stops the enzyme activity that clears toxic products in the body by up to 70%.

Seeing the study and the unfortunate case of the Chinese tourist, it’s best to avoid this lethal combination!