What will you do if you wake up one morning and see that your husband has left? This unpleasant situation happened to a woman named Julia. When she woke up one morning, she noticed that her husband is gone. He has been acting strange recently and things weren’t the same as before, so she immediately jumped to conclusions and though he left her for another woman. But, what could she do now?

She got out of bed and noticed that her husband left a letter on the night stand. After reading it, she couldn’t hold back her emotions. Here’s the letter in full:



“Dear Julia:

I write to you now while you are sleeping, just in case tomorrow it’s not me who wakes up beside you.

With these two – way trips, I am spending more and more time on the other side, and who knows? I’m afraid that I won’t come back from one trip.

Just in case tomorrow I am not able to understand what is happening to me. Just in case tomorrow I’m unable to tell you how much I admire and appreciate your integrity, that determination of yours to be by my side, trying to make me happy despite it all. As you always do.

Just in case tomorrow I am not aware anymore of what you do. When you stick up notes on the doors so that I don’t confuse the bathroom and kitchen. When you manage to make us laugh after I put my shoes on without socks. When you try to keep the conversation alive, although I get lost in every sentence. When you approach me discretely and whisper the name of one of our grandchildren in my ear. When you reply tenderly to one of the rage attacks I have, as if something inside me rebels against this thing that takes over me.

For these and many other things. Just in case tomorrow I don’t remember your name or mine.

Just in case tomorrow I can’t thank you.

Just in case tomorrow, Julia, I can’t tell you one last time, that I LOVE YOU.

Yours forever


It’s wonderful and heartbreaking to read such a wonderful expression of affection, even besides the sad nature of forgetting.