Used For The First Time In Japan: All Poisons Will Vanish Overnight; We Discover How To Create Insole For Detoxification (Guideline)

Insoles for detoxification have been used for the first time in Japan. They are applied on the down side of the feet at bedtime and in the morning. When they are removed you will notice that all the harmful toxins that are pulled make the splints darker. The insoles improve the blood and lymph circulation throughout the body. Vast majority of people today aren’t physically active enough which leads to poor circulation in the extremities, joints and feet.
The benefits of the insoles include reduce pain in the joints, reduced tiredness and headaches.
You can prepare these insoles very easy and simple:
All you need to make them are onions, garlic, water and adhesive gauze and socks.
Chop the garlic and onion nicely and then put them in the boiling water. Allow it to boil for 10 minutes.
Then you can leave the composition to cool down for 20 minutes. Apply the onion on in the middle part of the gauze, while avoiding soaking the cloth.
Apply the insoles at the middle part of the soles and go to sleep. You will be surprised in the morning by the results you get.