This exercise activates the larger mucsle groups that work simultaneously making it more powerful than any other exercise.

Many girls wonder what is it that they should do to get a toned butt. The best answer is – squats.

These exercises are rightly considered to be the best for that part of the female body. Quadriceps, gluteus maximus and hamstring muscles are activated to the maximum during this exercise while pelvic musles are activated as stabilizers and supporters. Stabilizing muscles are usually unnoticeable but they protect s from unwanted and unnatural movements i.e injuries. During squats, stomach and lower body muscles work isometrically, holding the chest in a straight position. In the same time, pelvic muscles support the work of the quadriceps and the butt and make sure the movements are done properly. To increase the effect of this exercise, tighten your butt while going up and push the pelvis forward. Depending on how low you go squats are divided into half squats, parallel squats and full squats, and there are other versions like double squats, front, back squats, with or without dumbbells.

Find the type of squat that suits you most and that will make your butt muscles feel most activated. Neverthelss the best idea would be to do the full back squat with the feet positioned in line with the shoulders. Additionally the advantage of this exercise is that you can do it anywhere. So, get up from your chair and do 4×20 squats. Repeat them every other day, and the effort will pay off when you see yourself in the mirror.