This Poison Destroys Your Bones, But You Still Drink It Almost Every Day (Video)

Even when we’re aware of our bad habits, we find it difficult to quit. A lot of people are not aware of the bad effects of carbonated drinks on our health. According to research, these bottled toxins can have the following adverse effects on our body an hour after digestion:

  1. The first 10 minutes

A single can of soft drink contains 10 tablespoons of sugar, about 100% more of the recommended daily intake. They also contain phosphorus which enters and damages your body.

  1. 20 minutes after

20 minutes after consuming a can of soda, your glucose and insulin levels skyrocket, making your body turn sugar into fat in your liver.

  1. 40 minutes after

The caffeine from the drink is now fully absorbed into your body. The blood flow increases and the liver flushes more sugar into the bloodstream. The brain starts blocking adenosine receptors which prevents tiredness.

  1. 45 minutes after

The body’s dopamine secretion increases, affecting your mind and having a similar effect to heroin.

  1. 50 minutes after

The magnesium, zinc, phosphoric acid and calcium cause increased digestion due to the sugars and artificial sweeteners which limit the calcium secretion over time.

  1. An hour after

The caffeine’s diuretic properties are activated, leading to minerals being flushed out of the urine.

  1. Slightly over an hour after

The sugar is now almost completely absorbed by the body. You will feel re-energized and should experience mood swings. Finally, your body flushes out all the water and nutritional substances along with the drink, increasing your risk of diabetes.