This Is What Happens When You Drink This Popular Drink Every Day

It’s a well-known fact that energy drinks are unhealthy and full of dangerous ingredients. They contain so much caffeine that drinking more than one can every day could result in heart failure even in young people! They also contain a high amount of sugar which has been associated with increased risk of cancer. Continue reading the article to see how energy drinks have ruined this bodybuilder’s life.

Dean Wharmby is a bodybuilder whose dietary regimen consisted of 10 000 calories a day, including drinking 7-8 cans of energy drinks on average and eating fatty foods. Dean also took steroids, but his habits eventually caught up to him and – Dean has sadly died from liver cancer at the age of 39.

The steroids, combined with the unhealthy diet, were at fault for his tragic passing. Dean was unaware of the health risks of his diet and drinking energy drinks every day, and it eventually killed him.

The worst part is that Dean’s story is not an isolated case – more than 184 000 people have lost their lives due to high sugar and high caffeine drinks since 2010! According to experts, a sugar molecule found in beef, lamb and pork meat can trigger an immune response in humans which causes inflammation and results in tumor growth. The molecule (Neu5Gc), has been found in cancerous tissues, but since the body can’t produce it naturally, it’s safe to assume that it reaches us through our diet.

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