This Is the Dirtiest Place In Your House That Could Be Making You Sick! Here’s How to Properly Clean It from Germs and Bacteria to Prevent Diseases

The toilet seat is not the dirtiest place at your home – there are several items containing far more germs than it. Thankfully, we have advice on how to clean those items and eliminate the bacteria.


Coffee makers

The damp and dark containers of coffee makers are an ideal place for germs. They often contain mold, bacteria and yeast. However, there’s a natural way to clean your coffee maker. Fill it with four cups of vinegar and leave it to work for 30 minutes, then wash it 2-3 times with water to eliminate the smell.



Unsurprisingly, carpets are full of bacteria. They can be 4000 times dirtier than the toilet seat and home to various bacteria. Fresh stains on the carpet can be soaked up by tonic water, which can also clean dirt off them. Baking soda is a great odor remover for your carpets. In order to test these homemade cleaning solutions, start on a small area first.

In order to clean the carpet, sprinkle some baking soda on it and leave it to work for an hour. Afterwards, vacuum the carpet as usual. It’s even best to leave the baking soda overnight and clean the carpet in the morning.

Cutting boards

Wash your cutting board after every use with hot water and soap or just put it in the dishwasher. According to research, cutting boards are full of bacteria such as coliform, yeast and mold.

Kitchen counters

Mold and bacteria are often present on kitchen counters, so it’s important to clean them with a bleach and water mixture which will ensure that the bacteria are eliminated.

Stove knobs

Clean stove knobs frequently with hot water and soap as they can be covered in bacteria and mold.

Pet toys

Pet toys are incredibly dirty, containing bacteria such as staph, coliform as well as yeast and mold. Make sure you wash them frequently, putting them in a washing machine every two weeks.

Faucet handles

Facet handles are often covered in dangerous bacteria, so they should be cleaned with disinfectant wipes or spray every day.

Dish sponges or rags

The things you use for cleaning often end up being the dirtiest. Ironic, isn’t it? Dish sponges and rags are covered in yeast, mold and dangerous bacteria, so you need to put them in a microwave every day for 2 minutes in order to clean them and make sure you change them every couple of weeks.

Pet bowls

Clean your pets’ bowls every day to keep them germ-free. Use a diluted solution of bleach and rinse well with water in the end. Use a cup of bleach for every gallon of water.

Toothbrush holders

Toothbrush holders are an ideal place for bacteria as they are often moist. Clean them twice a week with hot water and some soap to keep them clean of germs.

Kitchen sinks

Clean your kitchen sinks regularly to eliminate mold and dangerous bacteria in them. Use a mixture of bleach and water which will ensure that the bacteria are eliminated. Pour some of the mixture down the drain too, and don’t forget to clean the sink strainer