Thigh toning exercises

Perfect legs require daily physical activity, so this article will show you thigh toning exercises.

Squats are ideal for thigh muscle toning. We suggest the following exercise that will activate your inner and outer thighs. Stand with your feet apart at shoulder-width. Let them be parallel, and clasp your hands together at chest height. Stand on your toes and go down to do a squat. While in this position, set your knees apart and then pull them back in the initial position. You can do this exercise in 5-8 repetitions per 5-8 sets. Drive a bicycle because it helps shape your legs. An hour on your bike will make you burn 600 calories. Besides cycling does your heart and lungs good. Drink nettle tea to improve your circulation and thus reduce the risk of having an orange peel skin i.e cellulite.

  • Stand up straight and set your feet apart. Place your hands on your thighs and slightly bend your knees. Transfer your weight from one leg to another by standing on your toes and without moving your upper body. Repeat this exercise 20 times.

– Lie down and lean on your right forearm. Place your left hand in front of you and bend your left knee. Stretch your right leg out and start lifting it carefully. Hold it for couple of seconds and then return in your initial position. Do 20 repetitions on each side. This exercise activates your inner thigh muscles, your groin muscles and the quadriceps. Its excellent for shaping your legs, waist and butt.

How to do it – lie on your right side, stretch your abdominal muscles and place your spine in neutral position. Your legs should be stretched out and placed together. Bend your left arm so that it goes in line with your torso and place your head on it. Your right arm should be on the floor, in front of the torso. Bend your right knee and pull it toward yout hips. a) Stretch your right lef and lift it in the air. b) Keep your right leg straight, bend your foot and by stetching the inner thigh muscles, put it down in the initial position. Do 8-10 right leg repetitions and then repeat it all with your left leg.