There are Things You Should Never Do While You’re On Your Period…..

Menstruation is literally the worst time of the month for women – they are emotional, tired and cannot function properly. This, along with the cramps and other hormonal issues makes them nervous and if many men can be believed, a little crazy. Women try everything in order to relieve the pain and start functioning properly, but, there are some things they should never do while on their period.

Every day there are new studies which uncover new facts about women and their menstrual cycle, but one things remains a fact: there is a lot more information we need to learn about how our body works. Recent studies on periods have found several interesting facts. For example, it is quite normal for women not to be in the mood while on their period, as their progesterone levels (a hormone that decreases libido) are at the lowest point at that moment. However, this is also the time when they’re having trouble concentrating, so the tests may not have been accurate.

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