She Adopted A Little Boy: 20 Years Later She Received Shocking News (VIDEO)

Once she saw the boy, she knew she had to adopt him. Twenty years later, her life has completely turned around.

Every child deserves a good parent, although not everyone has the privilege. Luckily, there are people like Ingeborg Macintosh around the world – she provided this boy and many others a happy life, and now it has paid off. Jordan was the only one of the kids that really appreciated what she did for him.

Twenty years after adoption, Ingeborg was diagnosed with severe kidney disease that required a kidney transplant. Jordan immediately took tests, and after it was confirmed that he could be her kidney donor, he decided to give her his kidney.

The surgery went well, and both of them are now in good condition. Jordan and Ingeborg are living proof that good people still exist. She raised him into a wonderful man and he save her life without giving it a second thought.

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