Remove Every Toxin With This 2 Day Weekend Detox

If you are tired all the time, lack energy, have dark undereye skin, you need detox.

If the body is toxic, you get more viruses, flu, colds, infections. With detox, you get energy back and vitality too.

This plan is amazing and lasts 2 days. It cleans organs like lymph, intestines, kidneys, liver, lungs.

It has many fluids, low fat foods, potato, meat. Is tasty! Do this 2 times in a year and for 10 days. Also do it for a weekend.

For optimal results, have birch, dandelion, nettle tea and workout daily, walk, run, swim, jump, etc


When you wake up, drink 250 ml warm water


Start with warm water, oatmeal a cup, 250 ml yoghurt or green tea too, half cup blueberries, 200 ml low fat almond milk. Lunch is 250 ml water, 2 cups salad of arugula, tomato, 250 g grilled hake, olive oil with Swiss chard, potato, melon slice and banana. For snack have 250 ml water, an apple, 180 ml yoghurt and ¼ cup pumpkin seeds.  For dinner have anise tea or water, 2 cups salad with lemon and oil, pastry integral, 150 g grilled tuna and half cup steam veggies (broccoli, spinach)


Water for start. Then have a cup oat flake meal, linseed a spoon, almond milk 200 ml , pear, green tea

For snack have grapefruit, for lunch have water, veggie soup with potato, carrot, onion, pepper, celery, chicken 200 g, 150 g pickles. Dinner is nettle tea, integral pastry, carrots, beets, lemon juice.