Press This Spot and You Will Poop Immediately!

Not being able to poop is an irritating problem which can become very unpleasant, and it could also indicate that you’re suffering from a serious medical condition.

If you have been in this kind of situation, we guess that you have tried all the popular relief methods such as consuming fiber or detox drinks and trying different pooping positions. However, they rarely work and even when they do, they are not very effective. Luckily for you, we have an ideal solution which is safe for use and doesn’t have any side-effects!

Have you ever noticed the patch of skin between the anus and your private parts? This patch is called perineum and has a pressure point which can be massaged to ease constipation, according to General Internal Medicine claims. Constipation is becoming a big problem throughout the world, with one in every five people currently suffering from the condition.

This amazing technique will relax your bowels, and constant massage of the perineum can help you soften and break the stool. According to doctors, the massage is far more effective than laxatives or other constipation relieving methods.

Note: the method is completely safe for pregnant women.


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